Question: I voted for you :) Thankyou for answering my questions, is there any would you like to ask back? :)

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  1. Hi Amy,


    Yes, I’d love to know what bit of science do you like the most, and do you want to become a scientist?

    Also, how much does the description of my work make sense to you?




  1. so glad you won! 🙂
    You really deserved to! I like biology most, and i like doing practicles. I just don’t like doing all the written stuff but I guess you have to record everything you do or you might make a mistake and not know where you went wrong:) Urm, no I don’t want to become a scientist, but I’m hoping to get an A-C grade in my final GCSE, I’d also like to involve abit of science in the job I take up when I’m older!

    Also, the description of your work makes alot of sense, it’s put in easy words for everyone to understand. With the money, can you not webcam to school in England aswell as the poorer countries? It would be nice to have a class video call or something with you! That would be cool to actually see who we’ve been chatting to lol 🙂


  2. Hi,

    Thanks 😉

    Well, it’s certainly a good idea about the webcam, and I think another winner in the past has done this, so I will look into it. I am actually intending on going into two of the schools I was talking to, Leeds and Blackpool, but I will have to organise administrative stuff with the teachers there before I can.

    Well, there’s certainly plenty of room for people who are interested in science, without necessarily being an actual scientist. A lot of my friends are non-scientists, but regularly go to science events such as science festivals and science talks that are put on the the public in various places. We call them the ‘science groupees’ 😉

    Best of you with your GCSEs!