• Question: You said in your report that you dislike physics and maths, but didnt you need physics and maths to build your experiment machines?

    Asked by ellie15499 to Amelia on 20 Jun 2011.
    • Photo: Amelia Markey

      Amelia Markey answered on 20 Jun 2011:

      Yes I didn’t like Physics and Maths when I was at school. I found it a bit boring and pointless. But when you have a reason to study them you can see why it’s important. I use loads of physics and maths every day. In fact at the moment I’m having a break from doing loads of complicated maths to analyse my data! It’s a lot more interesting because it has a point to it.

      So if you don’t like some subjects try and read more about them, find out where they are used and it will suddenly become a lot more interesting 😉