Richard Badge

Photo: Richard

Me and my Work: I spend my time researching, teaching and learning in the area of human genetics and genomics, particularly those human genes that move,

Status: Sad not to be doing imascientist anymore, but enjoying dropping in on the other zones to see what they are up to!

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Prateek Buch

Photo: Prateek

Me and my Work: I use modified viruses to deliver gene-based therapies for inherited diseases that cause blindness, and investigate new animal models of these diseases.

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Lizzard O'Day

Photo: Liz

Me and my Work: A picture is worth a thousand words- I try to figure out what molecules in our cells look like and use that info to design new drug candidates

Status: You guys are amazing- such great questions. Thanks for making this so much fun (even if I have to get up 4am)

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Jim Caryl

Photo: Jim

Me and my Work: I run a fitness gym for bacteria, the ‘Gene Gym’, to see whether being resistant to antibiotics actually makes bacteria unhealthy.

Status: Thanks to ALL of you who voted for me! Thanks to my fellow scientists - keep fighting the good fight guys ;-)

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Amelia Markey

Photo: Amelia

Me and my Work: I’m developing a miniaturised device for breaking open cells, copying the DNA from the cells and storing the DNA

Status: sad to not be in IAS anymore :( Good luck Liz and Jim!

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